5 Responses to “Interviews”

  1. We need Matt Uelmen In DIABLO III. The game is a disaster without him aand alot of people miss him :/

    He are the best componist ever. YOU ARE GREAT MAN! And we all love your guitar, your epic. Come and contact Blizzard, we need you :/

  2. You might think you’ve impacted peoples lives with your music. If I was a fan of yours I’d have to describe my like for you as Goku dropping a Ultra Spirit Bomb on Kid Buu. Top that off with my birthday Thanksgiving Day 1982 Nov 25. And the entire Catholic Faith. Plus Central Park in Omaha Nebraska. Mayor and Cousin… + countless nights listening to the Tristram track in the car, and while going to sleep and of course playing Diablo2. I made the perfect Character in that game, at least IMO….RomanCatholic was his name he was a level 99 paladin that wielded “Grief” and he smited his enemies with the Herald of Zakarum. That’s how I like to defeat my opponents. Smite! Keep it holy! I took pictures of my characters and saved them because I knew I would not hold on to all the gear and the name of the character for long. had a game called ladder slasher out and I invested in that by selling RomanCatholic 12k forum gold. Big Mistake. Ah, I look it at this way, now someone else can have the pleasure of the ultimate pvp character. I mean it I was unstoppable by anyone Sorceress, Druids, there was one guy though… a poison Necromancer who gave me a run for my money. It all came down to who could out teleport one another. I beat him once, but he had me more times than I’d like to acknowledge. Anyways, no one is perfect, but if to me the character was flawless. I was a Catholic by faith and I had the ultimate name to defeat the ultimate villain Diablo. Now no matter who had the most stone of jordans or runes or duped all came down to heart in the end. I feel like I conquered the game in mind well enough to move on. I took the pictures to remember, but I have not gone back since. Maybe one day when I’m older, I’m 30 years old going on 31 this month. You’re music played a pivotal role in my addiction and I can’t thank you enough for it. I’m not rich or popular or even known to much of anyone, I am mentally ill bipolar, and I live with my mother and father. I am very happy here and I am grateful for the time I get to spend with my father in the morning. We go out and have a cup of coffee at Panera Bread and my father sits and reads the newspaper and I sit across from him on my s4 galaxy playing Bejeweled Blitz. Lots more to talk about, but I think I’ve shared enough personal information for one day. I wish you had a Face book account. You can contact me
    Again I shared this information with your music none of the above probably would of come to fruition. I can’t count the hours I would just sit in Tristram listening to your music. If you believe in God I can assure you, You are LOVED.
    I mentioned my counsin Father William P. Leahy because he is the gem in our family and his presence has done a great deal of good to the city of Boston. If you have ties to Boston ( which I hope you do, you can now feel connected to Boston College.
    -William A. Hilton

  3. Anna said

    Matt I really need to speak with you about Diablo 2. Asap. Anna

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