• Diablo Soundtrack Collection includes:
  • # Diablo I Soundtrack
  • # Diablo II Soundtrak (part 1 & part  2)
  • # Diablo II Lord Of Destruction Soundtrak
  • # Diablo II Outtakes (bonus)
  • # Diablo II Audio Case Study (bonus)
  • # The Music of Diablo 1996-2011 – Diablo 15 Year Anniversary
  • # Diablo III Soundtrak

5 Responses to “Media”

  1. Alex said

    Thanx so much for this soundtracks! 🙂 I love them

  2. Pierre-Olivier said

    Your soundtrack are soo awesome, i personnaly prefer tristam theme, keep up the great work!

    oh and does there is any MIDI avaible for your soundtrack i’m looking for them

  3. shamanofthenorth said

    Games would be nothing without you. I really enjoy your work. Encore \o/

  4. Jonathan said

    Man, thanks so so so much for this.

  5. My favorite piece of work you ever did was the music for The4thComing.
    I’ve listened over again for years now, and it has inspired my own music.
    I couldn’t help but think when I heard those five tracks that there was supposed to be more……Sometimes I picture what the rest might be like.

    Hey, you know, if you still have them knocking around somewhere, I’d love to hear the completed tracks!

    —A fan from back in the day

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